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Stops sideways ladder movement.
Stops gutter edge damage.

Laddersafe is the new, revolutionary safety product for use with ladders and gutter edges. It allows all builder, tradespersons, and homeowners to meet their legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace.
Laddersafe is so simple - it just hangs from the gutter's edge with its unique design stopping sideways movement of the ladder when in use It is this sideways movement that is the cause of many injuries occurring from falls from ladders.


Laddersafe has been primarily designed as a device to prevent the surface of guttering from paint loss.

Laddersafe's secondary benefit is to effectively prohibit the ladder from dangerous sideways movement when alighting a ladder.


Laddersafe is to be only used with sturdy mounted metal guttering.

Steel and heavy duty ribbed rubber construction





Suitable for all types of gutters




Protects gutter finish





Easy to carry and store





Safety Protection doesn't cost - it saves!

Laddersafe should be used every time you use a ladder against gutters. It is ideal for electricians, plumbers, tillers, metal roofers, TV repairmen, air-conditioning installers, painters and the home handyperson. Remember, if you use a ladder use Laddersafe.



  1. Simply lift Laddersafe into place using an extension pole.
  2. With Laddersafe in position, simply place the ladder on Laddersafe between the rests.
  3. On double storey applications secure Laddersafe and you ladder by using a recommended strap with hooks that can be attached to the gutters leading edge

DO NOT place your ladder against a gutters edge and then try to put Laddersafe in position while standing on the ladder. This is a dangerous practice and against the manufacturers standard.

Dont let this happen to you.

Use Laddersafe!


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